The 2019 financial year

The Group’s strong figures reflect the performance of our companies over the past year. One common focus has been our development in the field of sustainable business. For us, this is a matter of future-proofing our business on all levels.

Group development during the year
I can look back with satisfaction at the past year and what we have achieved in the Group. Our market shares increased within all business units in 2019. All in all, our operations surpassed the Group’s target of a profit margin of at least 8 per cent, and our financial position was further strengthened. Through innovation, rewarding collaborations and long-term customer relations, we have also jointly laid the foundations for continued profitable growth.
       As regards our individual business units and their development within various market segments, we can state that Industrial Products and Precision Technology experienced relatively stable conditions throughout the year. These companies have a broad customer base within many different sectors that successfully balance out economic fluctuations. Within Industrial Solutions, the dominant automation business began the year strongly, but faced significant challenges during the second half of the year. However, the customer-specific volumes gradually increased, thanks to several new, long-term assignments.