XANO’s class B shares were registered on the Stockholm Stock Exchange on 5 December 1988 and are now listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in the Mid Cap segment.

The share capital amounts to SEK 35.2 million distributed between 7,288,800 class A shares and 20,898,180 class B shares, a total of 28,186,980 shares, with a nominal value of SEK 1:25. Each class A share entitles the holder to ten votes and each class B share to one vote. The total number of votes amounts to 93,786,180. All shares have equal rights to dividends.


Lennart Persson
President and CEO
+46 36 31 22 00


It is the aim of the Board of Directors that dividends over an extended period will follow the earnings trend and correspond to at least 30% of profit after tax. The annual dividend proportion must however be viewed in relation to investment needs and any repurchase of shares.


As per 30.06.2020, there were two shareholders who each owned and controlled more than 10 per cent of the votes for all shares in the company. Anna Benjamin controlled 57.2 per cent of the votes and 27.6 per cent of the capital. Pomona-gruppen AB held 29.4 per cent of the votes and 28.8 per cent of the capital.

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In 2003, 415,000 class B shares were acquired. During 2006, a reduction in the share capital was carried out through the withdrawal without repayment of 198,000 of the repurchased shares. A total of 47,000 and 30,000 own shares were transferred during 2007 and 2008 respectively in connection with company acquisitions. The number of shares in own custody thereafter amounted to 140,000, with a nominal value of SEK 5.00. As a result of the 2:1 share split in 2017 and the transfer of 133,778 own class B shares in conjunction with business acquisitions in 2018, the number of shares in the company’s custody at the start of 2019 amounted to 146,222 with a nominal value of SEK 2:50. A further 2:1 share split was conducted in June 2019, after which the number of shares in the company’s custody amounted to 292,444 class B shares, which corresponds to 1.0 per cent of total share capital.