The business unit comprises Kuggteknik, Kungsörs Mekaniska (KMV), Lasertech, LK Precision, Mikroverktyg, Modellteknik and Resinit. These companies cover component and system manufacture using advanced cutting processes on metal and plastics for the production of parts involving demanding quality and precision requirements.

KMV specialises in internal machining, particularly precision drilling, for Nordic industrial customers. LK Precision and Resinit produce parts, mainly for medical technical equipment, in low to medium-volume production runs. Mikroverktyg manufactures precision components and transmission parts, as well as tools, fixtures, prototypes and special equipment, all in short production runs. Kuggteknik complements Mikroverktyg with automated operations for higher volumes. Modellteknik specialises in prototype and mould manufacturing alongside cutting machining in short production runs. Lasertech is a leading company in industrial 3D printing and laser welding in metal.


Kuggteknik works with cutting machining and manufactures geared products made of metal. The business specialises in small gears and transmission products, primarily industrial tools, in recurring series for extremely demanding industrial customers.

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KMV is one of the market’s widest-ranging and strongest suppliers in the field of long hole drilling. In addition to drilling, the company also offers turning, milling, honing, straightening, grinding, heat treatment and chrome plating. KMV operates across the entire Nordic region in areas such as mining, hydraulics, packaging, the marine industry, the energy industry, the processing industry and the offshore industry.

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Lasertech is a leading company in industrial 3D printing and laser welding in metal. The range of services also includes non-destructive testing, laser marking and laser curing. Lasertech's customers are active in industries such as automotive, defence and medical technology.

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LK Precision is a precision company that produces complicated components from metallic materials. Production is centred on small to medium-sized runs. High-tech expertise combined with leading edge technology in the field of cutting machining means that the company can offer tailored production solutions, above all as a contract manufacturer for the large medical technology companies as well as within the defence, aviation and space industries.

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Mikroverktyg works with cutting machining, specialising in precision components and transmission parts such as toothed gears, splines and racks. The company also manufactures fixtures, prototypes, tools, measuring devices, components for the aviation and defence industries, hydraulic components, spare parts and other components with demanding requirements.

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Modellteknik is an engineering company possessing leading-edge expertise in advanced cutting machining and mould manufacturing. The business possesses resources for the manufacture of prototypes and fixtures, design and cutting machining in short and medium-sized runs. Its customers are primarily in the automotive and defence segments.

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Resinit’s speciality is difficult-to-handle plastic materials with high demands regarding quality and delivery reliability. As a supplier of components for medical equipment and analysis, a high level of precision and extensive material knowledge are required.

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Modellteknik was acquired in November 2020 and is part of XANO's business unit Precision Technology. Modellteknik brings additional technical expertise and capacity that gives the business unit the opportunity to take responsibility for the entire value chain, from prototype to series production.

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Kuggteknik became part of the XANO Group in 2019. The collaboration with its sister company, Mikroverktyg, is creating the potential for a frequent exchange of expertise and mutual utilisation of both mechanical and personnel resources.

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