XANO supports Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is a non-profit organisation working with entrepreneurship as an effective, long-term and sustainable method to fight poverty. 

The reason many people live in poverty is that they lack a job through which they can support themselves. Hand in Hand, believe that part of the solutions is small family-owned, entrepreneurial businesses, channelling individuals’ own power of initiative and abilities. This can change families’ entire circumstances.

Hand in Hand - Fighting poverty through entrepreneurship (handinhandsweden.se/en/)


Many of our companies operate in small towns and are an important employer for the local population. Our involvement in the communities in which we operate is therefore a matter of course, and can entail collaboration with local authorities regarding employment for individuals with disabilities and the integration of new arrivals, as well active membership in local business associations. Several companies in the Group collaborate with Swedish universities and university colleges, which can include everything from taking in trainees and apprentices within the operation to participating in research and technical development projects. A healthy collaboration with schools can be very important in order for us to secure future skills provision. Accepting responsibility for the local community can also take the form of supporting and collaborating with sports clubs, where we prioritise children’s and youth activities ahead of elite initiatives.

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Each and every employee within the XANO Group is expected to treat colleagues and other people with respect. We are striving to achieve an open and permissive working climate, with zero tolerance of all forms of discrimination and harassment.

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