Success factors

Our leading strengths are our people, our entrepreneurship and our commitment to long-term partnerships. These represent a winning combination that makes it possible for us to meet our stakeholders’ expectations and continue to develop. 

XANO and sustainability

Sustainable enterprise is a precondition for long-term, profitable growth. This is a matter of course for us, and our sustainability work is a natural part of the working day in all parts of our business. It might involve small behavioural changes that, in the long term, have a significant positive impact in relation to more comprehensive and resource-intensive initiatives. We conduct long-term sustainability work, and we can make a real difference by concentrating on those areas where we have the greatest potential to influence developments. 

Sustainability issues in focus:
•    Climate emissions and energy consumption
•    Material consumption and waste management
•    Employer branding
•    Responsible purchasing and quality
•    Financial results