Fredrik Rapp


Born 1972, elected 2004.

Principal education:
Graduate economist.

Principal professional experience:
MD Pomona-gruppen, MD Talk Telecom.

Other XANO board commissions:
Chairman of the remuneration committee.

Other directorships:
Chairman of the boards of Eesti Höövelliist AS, Serica Consulting AB and Svenska Handbollförbundet. Member of the boards of ITAB Shop Concept AB, AGES Industri AB, Nordic Flow Group AB, PrimeKey Solutions AB and AB Segulah

Shareholding in XANO:
2,160,000 Class A shares and 6,268,180 Class B shares (own holdings, holdings via related parties and holdings where a controlling interest may be exerted).

Independent in relation to the company and the company management. Controls more than 10 per cent of the capital and the votes for all shares in the company.