The task of the Board of Directors is to manage the company’s affairs on behalf of the shareholders.

XANO's Board of Directors currently consists of seven members: Fredrik Rapp (Chairman), Petter Fägersten, Eva-Lotta Kraft, Per Rodert, Anna Benjamin, Jennie Hammer Viskari and Pontus Cornelius. Fredrik Rapp, Anna Benjamin and Petter Fägersten are considered dependent in relation to major shareholders. Other members are judged to be independent in relation to both major shareholders and the company and the company management. 

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XANO's Group management consists of CEO Lennart Persson and CFO Marie Ek Jonson.

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The 2022 AGM elected the registered auditing company KPMG AB, Jönköping, with authorised public accountant Olle Nilsson as auditor in charge, for the term of office up until the AGM in 2023.

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XANO's nomination committee is composed of Ulf Hedlundh as chairman, Stig-Olof Simonsson and Anna Benjamin. 

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The shareholders’ meeting is the forum in which the shareholders’ influence is exercised. It is the company’s highest decision-making body.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) assembles once a year in Jönköping, usually in the beginning of May, in order to decide on matters such as the adoption of the annual report and consolidated financial statements and to decide on the allocation of profits from the previous year. The meeting also elects the Board of Directors and auditor.

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The Swedish Companies Act stipulates that the company must have three decision-making bodies: the shareholders’ meeting, the Board of Directors and the CEO. There must also be a controlling body, an auditor, who is appointed by the shareholders’ meeting. The Act stipulates which tasks the respective bodies have and which responsibilities fall upon the people making up the bodies. The Code complements the Act by setting higher requirements in certain areas, but also by making it possible for companies to deviate from these in specific circumstances if this will lead to better corporate governance.

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