The nomination committee is the body of the shareholders’ meeting tasked with the preparation of decisions to be made by the meeting concerning appointment matters, with the aim of establishing a sound basis for consideration of such matters.

Following a proposal by the main shareholders Anna Benjamin and Pomona-gruppen AB, which together represented 87 per cent of votes and 56 per cent of the capital in XANO, a nomination committee was appointed by the 2022 AGM composed of Ulf Hedlundh as chairman, along with Stig-Olof Simonsson and Anna Benjamin. 

The nomination committee is to propose candidates for the post of chair and other members of the board, as well as fees and other remuneration to each member of the board. In its assessment of the board’s evaluation and in its proposals in accordance with rule 4.1, the nomination committee is to give particular consideration to the requirements regarding breadth and versatility on the board,
as well as the requirement to strive for gender balance.

The nomination committee is also to present proposals on the election and remuneration of the statutory auditor. The nomination committee’s proposal to the shareholders’ meeting on the election of the auditor is to include the audit committee’s recommendation.