The nomination committee is the body of the shareholders’ meeting tasked with the preparation of decisions to be made by the meeting concerning appointment matters, with the aim of establishing a sound basis for consideration of such matters.
Following a proposal by the main shareholders Anna Benjamin and Pomona-gruppen AB, which together represented 88 per cent of votes and 59 per cent of the capital in XANO, a nomination committee was appointed by the 2019 AGM composed of Ulf Hedlundh as chairman, along with Anders Rudgård and Anna Benjamin. 
The task of the committee prior to the 2020 AGM is to nominate a Chairman of the Board and other Board members, auditor, a chairman for the AGM, and to propose fees for the Board and auditor. In its proposal to the Board, the nomination committee will propose the most qualified Board members for the company, based on an overall assessment of relevant expertise and experience, and must pay particular attention to the demand for diversity and breadth in the Board, as well as endeavour to achieve an even gender distribution. In its proposal, the nomination committee has in particular complied with and taken into account point 4.1 of the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.

The nomination committee has evaluated the work of the Board with the aid of a questionnaire as well as personal discussions with the members of the Board. The results of the evaluation have been communicated to the Chairman of the Board.

The nomination committee has held three meetings prior to its proposal to the 2020 AGM, the decisions of which have been summarised in a decision report. In addition, there have been ongoing contacts between the members of the nomination committee.