Guidelines for remuneration and other employment conditions for senior executives

Long-term commitment on the part of senior executives is vital for the successful implementation of the company’s business and sustainability strategies and for attending to the company’s interests in the long term In order to succeed in recruiting and retaining qualified employees, the company must be able to offer competitive remuneration packages to the CEO and other senior executives. These guidelines should ensure that the company’s remuneration to senior executives is competitive and based on market terms.

The guidelines comprise remuneration and other employment conditions for board members, the managing director and other members of the Group management. The guidelines are applied to employment contracts entered into after the 2022 Annual General Meeting and to changes made thereafter to ongoing employment contracts. 


Convertible bond programme


On 1 October 2020, 573,756 personnel convertibles were issued at a price of SEK 122 corresponding to a nominal SEK 69,998,232. Following the implemented 2:1 share split in June 2022, the conversion price is SEK 61 corresponding to 1,147,512 convertibles.

The convertible bond runs from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2023 at interest corresponding to STIBOR 3M with the addition of 1.75 percentage points. Each convertible can during the period 1 September to 12 September 2023 be converted into one class B share in XANO Industri AB. If all convertibles are converted into shares, the dilution will be approx. 1.9 per cent of the share capital and approx. 0.6 per cent of the voting rights based on today's total number of shares.