It all began in 1937, when Karl Rothweiler starts neon production in small premises in Jönköping’s Torpa district. The years go by, and in 1960 Karl changes the name of the company to ITAB, which is an abbreviation of Igni Tronim. This bears witness to a period in the company’s history when it is manufacturing electronic ignition systems. The business is successful, and for a long time Karl is the sole owner of the company. However, more than 40 years after the company was founded, a new co-owner joins the company ITAB Elektronik och Ljusskyltprodukter, the entrepreneur Tord Johansson. At the time, in 1979, the company had a turnover of SEK 10 million, and during the 1980s we formulated the business concept that still constitutes the cornerstone of our operation. The subsequent decades are characterised by growth through the acquisition of new companies, as well as a number of divestments. A milestone is achieved in 1988, when ITAB joins the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s OTC list, and in 2005 the company changes its name to the current XANO.

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