Healthy growth and strengthened profitability

Higher sales and improved profits in all business units

Significantly increased project deliveries

Continued upturn in the medical technology sector

Recovery in the automotive sector

A high level of efficiency and well utilised resources in our operations


For the immediate future, the situation therefore to look bright for the Group as a whole. Our targeted work on strategic sales has been a success. At the same time, our conscious focus on sustainable business in long-term collaborations with selected customers has provided us with a stable foundation. W

e have succeeded in winning business within new operational areas, and have advanced our position on several geographic markets, which is creating the potential for further growth. For example, we have achieved increased sales outside of Europe in recent times, and we are currently reviewing the potential to reinforce our presence on e.g. the North American market.

We have launched collaborations with players related to the production of batteries for electric vehicles, and we are evaluating the preconditions for more extensive initiatives in respect of automation assignments in this area.

In order to meet this growth, we are continuing to invest in machine capacity, premises, innovations and personnel. Potential acquisition objects are continuously evaluated to identify new technology and complementary business areas that can strengthen us ahead of future challenges.